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Unique Nautical Gifts & Decor
The Nautical Place offers an exceptional selection of nautical gifts and decor, including beautiful maritime reproductions that make great gifts for every seafaring fan. Our authentic fishing nets, ship wheels and other nautical home accents are intended for decorative purposes to give your den, game room, swimming pool area or stair rails a nautical look. They are ideal for achieving the coastal decorating style, whether for a school, church, wedding or club play. Nautical style accessories are unique and memorable for party decorations, kid's rooms, store windows and other displays such as shell collections. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination!

12" Wood / Brass Ships Wheel Clock Boatswain Whistle w/ Box 9" Porthole Glass ~ Chrome
Price $49.99
Price $16.99
Price $36.99
Boatswain Whistle w/ Box 9" Porthole Glass ~ Chrome
Brass Pocket Sundial Compass w/ Lid Brass Poop Deck Sign 3" Polished Brass Sextant w/ Wooden Box
Price $24.99
Price $10.99
Price $24.99
Brass Pocket Sundial Compass w/ Lid Brass Poop Deck Sign 3" Polished Brass Sextant w/ Wooden Box ~ Sextent Astrolabe ~ Nautical Maritime
Brass Anchor Oil Lamp Fishing Bobber Garland - 9' (17 pc.) Authentic Used Fishing Net - 5'x10'
Price $69.99
Price $14.99
Price $23.99
Brass Anchor Oil Lamp Wooden Fishing Bobber Garland ~ Fish Net Decor Floats Authentic Used Nylon Fishing Net 5'x10' Fish Netting
Decorative Fish Net w/ Shells & Floats 5'x10' 3" Brass Telescope 13" Wood / Brass Ships Wheel
Price $24.99
Price $6.97
Price $28.99
Decorative Nautical Fish Net w/ Shells 5'x10' 3" Brass Telescope ~ Nautical ~ Mini Spyglass ~ Pocket Wood / Brass Ships Wheel 13 in.
The Nautical Place offers used fishing nets for sale that were once used by commercial fishermen. This super strong used fishing net has been cleaned and is ready to ship. Genuine fish netting adds uniqueness to any nautical themed room and creates a genuine maritime feel. This authentic used fish netting is great for nautical theme parties, creative interior designs, outdoor patio & garden use, sea life & shell displays, restaurant decor, kid's rooms and wall hangings. This is not like the cheap netting you find in party stores. It is real commercial grade nylon netting. I get this from commercial fishermen and cut, clean & package it myself. We also offer a unique selection of nautical decor and decorations, great gifts for every seafaring fan & beautiful maritime reproductions.